Transform your NGS
workflows with tools
built for efficiency

Pillar® technology simplifies the NGS testing workflow with a robust solution for high-volume molecular diagnostic labs. With supporting products that include rapid assay design, automatable library prep and streamlined bioinformatics, Pillar is working to make precision medicine the standard, not the exception.


  • Sample to sequencer in 8 hours
  • Simple, single-tube amplification
  • 2 hours hands-on time for manual library prep
  • 30 minutes hand-on time for automated library prep
  • Simplified bioinformatics for faster results


  • Flexible inputs including FFPE, genomic DNA, and cell-free DNA (cfDNA)
  • Compatible with multiple liquid handlers and sequencing platforms
  • Germline and somatic panels available
  • Cloud-based or local bioinformatics
  • Custom assay design available


  • As little as 2.5ng input DNA
  • Handles challenging inputs including FFPE-damaged samples
  • Uniform sequencing coverage
  • Mapping and on-target rates exceeding 98%
  • High reproducibility reduces re-runs
  • As low as 1% VAF or <1% with pillarHS


icon of ampPD primer as located on DNA

Primer design platform for reliable amplicon specificity


test tube icon

Enrichment chemistry that enables single-tube amplification


PiVat icon

Bioinformatic tools that deliver sensitive, robust variant calls

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