Multiplexed library prep doesn’t have to be complicated

Simplify your overlapping multiplex PCR workflows with SLIMamp®

Pillar® Stem-Loop Inhibition-Mediated Amplification (SLIMamp) technology is your solution to overlapping amplicons and complicated workflows. SLIMamp targeted enrichment chemistry enables specific priming of overlapping target segments for single-tube amplification with as little as 2.5ng input DNA in under 8 hours. SLIMamp is central to all Pillar NGS assays, providing reliable targeted amplification of genomic targets.

See SLIMamp enrichment chemistry in action.
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SLIMamp® delivers precise amplification for
improved productivity

SLIMamp workflow removes unwanted overlapping amplicons for greater NGS sensitivity

Overlapping amplicons are no problem

SLIMamp chemistry uses primers that prohibit the formation of undesirable amplicons by creating inhibitory stem loop structures that prevent non-specific amplification. With this improved sensitivity, you can achieve targeted results with less input DNA.

Single-tube amplification for seamless automation

Unlike traditional amplicon-based library prep, SLIMamp chemistry precisely amplifies only the intended target, so you don’t have to set up separate PCR reactions. This approach minimizes contamination risks and makes library preparation more amenable to automation. 

Infographic showing that Pillar SLIMamp chemistry only requires one tube per sample, whereas other enrichment chemistries require multiple tubes per sample that are pooled after PCR.

One-day workflow, 3 hours hands-on

The SLIMamp workflow is simple and does not contain ligation steps, so you can go from DNA to sequencer in less then 8 hours.

This infographic shows the steps of the Pillar SLIMamp chemistry, which are amplify, cleanup, index, and then cleanup, versus the workflows of other enrichment chemistries, which are amplify, cleanup/pool, ligation, amplify, cleanup, index, and then cleanup

Precise amplification even
when input DNA is limited

Slimamp target amplification by NGS
slimAMP concordance data using Pillar ONCO/Reveal Lung and Colon Panel

SLIMamp was built to go hand-in-hand with Pillar’s ampPD™ primer design platform and PiVAT® bioinformatics toolkit – so the entire NGS workflow is seamlessly integrated, even for custom genomic targets.


icon of ampPD primer as located on DNA

Primer design platform for reliable amplicon specificity


test tube icon

Enrichment chemistry that enables single-tube amplification


PiVat icon

Bioinformatic tools that deliver sensitive, robust variant calls

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