Reduce turn-around times with streamlined NGS Panels

Simple, robust and precise NGS enrichment for any target

We understand your pain points

  • Insufficient starting material
  • Labor costs
  • Uneven coverage
  • Costly reruns
  • Unique targets

So we built a simpler solution

Targeted panels that run on SLIMamp for single-tube, single-day library preps with minimal, flexible inputs and uniform coverage. 

Supported by the PiVAT bioinformatics platform for robust enrichment for variant detection at down to 1% allele frequency or <1% for PillarHS (high sensitivity) panels.

Panels available for Illumina, MGI, and Thermo sequencers

Solid Tumor Panels

Targets include multi-cancer, breast, lung, and colon. Includes panels specialized to detect fusions and CNVs.

Blood Cancer Panels

Targets include myeloid cancers and myeloprolifitive neoplasm.

Inherited Disease Panels

Targets include cystic fibrosis, thalassemia, and BRCA1/BRCA2.

Custom Panels

Design your own custom panel with a one-day workflow via the ampPD™ primer design platform.

Find a panel that suits your targets or design your own

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