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help you find the
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Streamline your bioinformatics analysis with PiVAT®

The Pillar® Variant Analysis Toolkit (PiVAT) is a bioinformatic secondary analysis pipeline that is optimized for SLIMamp® library prep chemistry, making data analysis and interpretation straightforward and effective.



Fast, actionable results
The PiVAT platform is maximized for efficiency, delivering fast processing times with minimal computing resources


Comprehensive variant detection

The PiVAT platform captures virtually every type of variant: SNVs, CNVs, ITDs, indels, delins, RNA fusions, and more.



Sensitivity you can count on
Overlapping, paired-end amplicons help identify and filter errors for calls as low as 1% VAF (<1% for pillarHS panels)  

PiVAT bioinformatics workflow

PiVAT bioinformatics workflow aligns FASTQ file to the human genome, performs alignments, filtering and de novo assembly for accurate variant calling

PiVAT delivers reliable answers even for damaged samples
by reducing sequencing errors

Formalin-compromised reference standards (Horizon Discovery) were evaluated using the ONCO/Reveal Lung and Colon Cancer Panel. N=10; error bars=standard deviation
Sequencing error reduction using Pillar PiVAT bioinformatics software
x-axis: ONCO/Reveal Multi-Cancer target sequence of 25kb. y-axis: Error rate. Orange: Frequency of ordinary recurring errors (Q scores of 20 and above). Green: PiVAT error rate

PiVAT was built to go hand-in-hand with Pillar’s ampPD™ primer design platform and SLIMamp® chemistry–so the entire NGS workflow is seamlessly integrated, even for custom genomic targets.


icon of ampPD primer as located on DNA

Primer design platform for reliable amplicon specificity


test tube icon

Enrichment chemistry that enables single-tube amplification


PiVat icon

Bioinformatic tools that deliver sensitive, robust variant calls

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