Pillar® ONCO/Reveal™ Custom Panels

ONCO/Reveal Custom Panels are robust NGS assays that interrogate a customer-defined set of gene regions of interest. Custom assays are designed using the ampPD™ intelligent primer design platform. All Pillar assays feature proprietary Stem-Loop Inhibition-Mediated amplification (SLIMamp®) technology, a tiled amplicon-based library prep chemistry for efficient single-tube target enrichment. Variant calls are made using the Pillar Variant Analysis Toolkit (PiVAT®) bioinformatics pipeline software.

Panel highlights

Single-tube amplification 

Can detect fusions, CNVs, SNVs, and indels 

As little as 1ng input DNA 

Fully optimized panels in as little as 6-8 weeks

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Panel targets

Disease states Oncology, genetic diseases, ophthalmology, familial hypercholesterolemia, thalassemia, metabolism, carrier screening, NIPT, PGx, IBD, and more
Sample types Solid tumors, liquid biopsy, myeloid, germline, FFPE, blood, plasma, serum, other biofluids
Variant types Fusions, CNV, SNV, indels
Coverage Hotspots or full gene CDS (overlapping amplicons) from single-tube amplification
PiVAT Cloud or local installation
Support Field application scientist team

Panel specifications

Enrichment chemistry Multiplex PCR using tiled amplicons
Number of pools 1 pool
Number of amplicons Up to 5,000
Variant types SNVs, indels, fusions, CNVs
Limit of detection (LoD) 1%-2% VAF without UIDs (10ng input DNA) or <1% VAF with UIDs (20ng input DNA)
Input DNA range 1ng to 80ng (10ng recommended)
Sample types Genomic DNA, Cell-free DNA, FFPE DNA, fresh frozen tissue, RNA
Design coverage >90%
Mapping rate* >90%
% on-target aligned reads* >90%
Coverage uniformity (% targets with >0.2X mean coverage)* >90%
Total assay time (from sample to sequencer) <8 hours
Interactive design and functional testing Yes
Designer; Analysis software ampPD; PiVAT
Sequencing platforms Illumina®, MGISEQ™, and Ion Torrent™
Configurable kit contents Primer pool, indexing primers, UDG, beads
*With optimization and testing

See the data

Sensitive and robust variant detection

slimAMP concordance data using Pillar ONCO/Reveal Lung and Colon Panel
ONCO/Reveal assays are highly precise even with low DNA inputs, with high concordance (R2 >99%) between input amounts across a wide range of VAFs. In the figure above, VAFs were detected by the ONCO/Reveal Lung and Colon Cancer Panel. Assays and analyses were performed at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and presented at AMP 2016.
Pillar NGS assays are accurate

ONCO/Reveal assays are accurate, precise, repeatable and sensitive to near the limit of detection regardless of FFPE quality. In the figure above, formalin-compromised reference standards (Horizon Discovery) were evaluated using the ONCO/Reveal Lung and Colon Cancer Panel, which demonstrated accurate results from degraded samples.
N=10; error bars=standard deviation

Design and delivery timelines

icon calendar 2-5 weeks

without testing
and optimization

calendar icon 6-10 weeks

with testing
and optimization

Pillar technology

Pillar provides a seamlessly integrated NGS workflow, from panel design to data analysis.


icon of ampPD primer as located on DNA

Primer design platform for reliable amplicon specificity


test tube icon

Enrichment chemistry that enables single-tube amplification


PiVat icon

Bioinformatic tools that deliver sensitive, robust variant calls

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