Pillar Biosciences announces ISO 13485:2016 Certification

Faster. Accurate.
Reliable and Reproducible.

In oncology, the limits are pushed daily. To stay on the cutting edge, technology must exceed the demands of today while providing value. Introducing SLIMamp NGS and assays for accurate, sensitive and reproducible cancer testing. Whether from blood, FFPE or circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA), SLIMamp maximizes accurate results to find the answer.

Accelerate real-time individualized patient management

  • On-target designs and sensitivity to increase detection of low variant frequencies
  • Quickly implement accurate, sensitive and scalable panels with integrated analysis to cut down on the time to answer
  • Targets that detect inherited and somatic cancers offer flexible options for all your sample types

Identify actionable somatic alterations with precision

  • Detect structural variants (SV) including Copy Number Variation (CNV)
  • Reveal circulating biomarkers from liquid biopsy with SLIMamp High Sensitivity Assay