Circulating Tumor DNA Assays

High Sensitivity SLIMamp Technology for Circulating Tumor DNA Analysis

Existing approaches to targeted circulating free DNA (cfDNA) analysis are plagued with lack of sensitivity and an abundance of noise. Given the existing frequency of circulating tumor DNA mutations are often below 0.5% (one part in 500) and often approaching 0.1% (one part in 1,000), this is below the inherent error rate of the sequencing itself. By developing a High Sensitivity SLIMamp technology, Pillar Biosciences offers a targeted clinical NGS panel that retains the simplicity and robustness of our existing assays coupled with unique molecular identifier (UMI) technology, facilitating market-leading sensitivity and specificity for this emerging application.
  • Start from plasma, serum or other biofluids
  • Unique Molecular Identifiers (UMI) for ultra-high sensitivity
  • Automatable single-well workflow
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