PCR multiplexing starts with well-designed primers

ampPD™ automates primer design for overlapping multiplex PCR workflows

The Pillar® ampPD primer design pipeline proactively masks all regions where primers cannot bind, automatically identifies potential primer-dimers, and suggests the optimal location for primer placement for each and every amplicon. 

With primers designed in ampPD, you can selectively amplify targets from minimal input in a single tube. ampPD is the starting point for all of our off-the-shelf panels and enables custom design for genomic targets that fit your panel criteria.



  • Perform tunable masking for multi-copy regions, repeats and variants.
  • Delineate regions of interest (ROI) and collapse proximal ROIs.
graphic showing masking of unprimable regions


  • Exhaustively calculate all primer tiling solutions for each ROI.
  • Select primers that are optimized for any sample including FFPE.
Amplicons around the region of interest


  • Calculate potential amplifiable dimer pairs via cluster-based computing.
  • Compute single pool with the lowest dimer potential.
Network graphic

Primer-primer interaction map 

ampPD was built to go hand-in-hand with Pillar’s SLIMamp® chemistry and PiVAT® bioinformatics platform–so the entire NGS workflow is seamlessly integrated, even for custom genomic targets.


icon of ampPD primer as located on DNA

Primer design platform for reliable amplicon specificity


test tube icon

Enrichment chemistry that enables single-tube amplification


PiVat icon

Bioinformatic tools that deliver sensitive, robust variant calls

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