Bioinformatics Analysis

Integrated Bioinformatics Analysis Pipeline

Pillar Biosciences cloud or local based bioinformatics analysis pipeline is key to enhancing the quality and accuracy of your variant calls. The Pillar pipeline has been optimized to deliver the highest of quality in sensitive and specific detection. Have confidence that your reported variants are present even in difficult samples such as FFPE and Liquid Biopsy with the ability to filter out background such as false positives and the clarity of what is real to remove false negatives.
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  • Conduct fast, accurate secondary and tertiary analysis
  • Files output to VCF, Excel
  • Fully annotated variant calls (SNV, CNV)
  • Advanced technical report available 2018

Pillar Biosciences Products in the NGS Workflow

Unique Variants Table
FPO Indels Chart

From 39 samples, 19 unique indels were identified between both the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. Of the variants detected, no false positives or negatives were found present after analysis.