Bioinformatics Analysis

PiVAT: Integrated Bioinformatics Analysis Pipeline

The Pillar Variant Analysis Toolkit called PiVAT is a bioinformatics analysis pipeline deployed either locally or in the cloud. PiVAT has been optimized in conjunction with the SLIMamp chemistry to deliver best-in-class sensitivity and specificity in variant calling. Have high confidence that the variants called are real from difficult and scarce samples such as FFPE and circulating tumor DNA.
  • Conduct fast analysis
  • Flexible file output (VCF, CSV)
  • Annotated variant call output (SNV, CNV)

Pillar Biosciences Products in the NGS Workflow

<h5>PiVAT bioinformatics analysis performed internally. Error rates are calculated by dividing the number of alterations at each base position by the total coverage at this position. Positions with true variants are excluded in the analysis.</h5>