Making Precision Medicine Accessible

Streamlined, robust,

Pillar Biosciences' technology simplifies workflow with a robust solution for high volume NGS labs
  • With a sample-to-sequencing workflow of less than 8 hours, the Pillar Biosciences ONCOReveal products reduce hands on time and deliver high quality, cost-effective results for your lab
  • The simplicity and elegance of SLIMamp NGS target enrichment technology provides a streamlined and efficient workflow with minimal sample input in a single reaction well
  • Coupled with the Pillar Biosciences proprietary PiVAT™ bioinformatics analysis pipeline, SLIMamp™ produces highly sensitive and consistently reproducible results

Simplified Workflow

  • Single-well amplification
  • DNA to Sequencer in <8 hours
  • Germline, Somatic and Liquid Biopsy Cancer Panels

Robust Technology

Generate results with a small amount of sample input

  • As little as 2.5 ng FFPE DNA sample input for solid tumor assays
  • 20 ng circulating tumor DNA input for liquid biopsy assays
  • Uniform sequencing coverage of target regions
  • Custom panels available